Our Service

Security Services:

• Event Security
• Executive, Dignitary, Celebrity Protection
• Hotel Security
• Security Consulting
• Site Security
• Counter Terrorism Assessment
• Intelligence/counter Intelligence
• Retail Security
• Construction Site Security

Investigative Services:

• Private Investigations
• Background Checks
• Insurance Claim Investigations
• Trial Preparation
• Statements Oral/Written
• Surveillance
• Witness Locates
• Matrimonial Investigations



NYPD Certifications/Courses:

  • Auto Crime School                                                                         
  • Narcotics investigation                                                                  
  • Advanced Investigations and Tactical Course                           
  • Specialized Dignitary Protection Security Course                    
  • Medical Technician and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation      
  • Statement Analysis Detection of Deception                               
  • Transit System safety course                                                        
  • Identifying Fraudulent Documents                                              
  • Vehicle Hidden Compartment Identification                              
  • New York State Fraud Bureau Seminar                                       
  • NYPD Chief of Police Seminar                                                        
  • NYS Department Motor Vehicles Course                                    
  • Computer Assisted Robbery System Training (CARS)               
  • Confidential Cases and Informant Training                                
  • Truck and Heavy Equipment Identification Course                   
  • Al Terrain Vehicle and Jet Ski Identification                                 
  • Lojack Recovery System Training                                                  
  • Surveillance & Counter Surveillance training                             
  • Asset Forfeiture Training                                                                 
  • Homeland Security risk training                                                    
  • Vehicle arson reconstruction and identification                        
  • Advanced Auto Theft Training Seminar (ACT)                            
  • Advanced Law Enforcement Seminar (ACT)                                
  • Advanced Auto theft Training Conference                                  
  • International Association Auto Theft Investigators Seminar    
  • Law Refresher Course                                                                       
  • Defensive Tactics Refresher Course                                              
  • Wiretap Investigations Queens County District Attorney           

Insurance Courses and Certifications:

  • Casualty 1 Training                                                                                               
  • Introduction to Investigations                                                                           
  • Special Investigation Unit Level 1 Injury Fraud                                              
  • Special Investigator Unit Interview/ Examination under Oath Training   
  • Special Investigation Unit Chiropractor Investigation Training                   
  • NJ Special Investigators Seminar                                                                        
  • National Insurance Crime Bureau auto Theft/Identification Seminar     

National Insurance Crime Bureau Training Academy:

  • Introduction into insurance fraud
  • Medical Clinic Inspection                                                                                      
  • Investigating vehicle Theft Fraud                                                                       
  • Investigating Property Fraud   
  • Investigating organized groups                                                                           
  • Listening for deception in claims interviews
  • Preparing a case for prosecution
  • Arson for profit
  • Identity theft fraud

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Training:

  • Exercise design preparing for disasters
  • Special events contingency planning for public safety agencies
  • Animals in disaster, awareness and preparedness
  • Leadership and influence
  • Decision making and problem solving
  • Introduction to Hazardous Materials

Homeland Security Training:
Emergency response to Terrorism

U.S. Department of Justice Training:

  • DNA Evidence First Responding Officer
  • Crime Scene DNA basics

Other Training & Certification:

  • NYC Fire Watch Certified
  • OSHA Safety Certified



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